Peptide Machines, Inc. is a well established company located in San Diego, California. We manufacture and sell multiple peptide synthesizers for peptide chemists and biologists.

Our instruments are designed by experienced engineers and peptide chemists who know peptide synthesis.


Sample the work produced by our automated synthesizers deployed at Biopeptide Co., Inc. Request a peptide synthesis quote now. Fast and convenient.

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Waste minimization is a key advantage of Discovery-4. Unique design, that eliminates unnecessary washes, cuts waste generation by 60%.

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With twelve reactors as large as 100 ml each, Discovery-12 produces uniform, high quality peptides from reactor to reactor and run to run.

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Distributor opportunities await international companies serious about offering first-class peptide synthesis equipment and support.

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Replacement parts and supplies are readily available for the full line of the Peptide Machines, Inc. instruments at reasonable cost.

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For the top level compatibility, order quality amino acids and reagents from Peptide Machines, Inc. Fully tested.

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