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"The synthesizer has been able to successfully make wide range of peptides with good yield and purity. The machine itself is very sturdy and robust. The vessels that hold the resin are easily washed and reused. Software interface is great, easy to use. It is really a synthesizer for peptide chemists!"

-- David Wright, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University

Discovery-4 is a fully automated four-reactor patented peptide synthesizer capable of preparing four peptides at the same time. Each reactor can run independently with different scale and protocols. Sequences can be added and removed without interrupting to the instrument operation.


Key Features:

  • Each reaction vessel has a dedicated pre-activation vessel for more efficient coupling.
  • Use two to three times less solvent comparing to other synthesizers on the market.
  • No waste of any liquids, amino acids, solvents, or reagents by priming or any other method.
  • Uses 20–100 ml glass reactors with removable filters.
  • Due to pre-activation, consistently produces uniform, high quality peptides from reactor to reactor and run to run even in single couple mode.
Discovery 4 turntable

Fully automated, patented 4-reactor peptide synthesizer that offers users the ability to produce multiple peptides simultaneously. Compact tabletop model with fully ventilated hood.

Produces high quality peptides on any scale from 0.05 to 3.0 mmoles per reactor.

Uses common coupling reagents such as HBTU, HATU, PyBOP, DIC/HOBt, and bulk AA solutions with up to 0.5 mmol concentration.

The patent pending unique liquid measuring device results in accurate and quick delivery every time. There is no need to hassle with calibration based on pressure, time, or set volume. All reagents and solvents are delivered from the top of the reaction vessels.

Discovery 4 reactors

Gentle but efficient nitrogen mixing thoroughly mixes resin and reagents while preserving the integrity of the resin beads in intervals of different delays. Flexibility in sequence selection allows users to effortlessly import sequences from USB, select standard protocols, develop custom protocols, assign protocols to sequences, and sequences to reaction vessels. Uses 20, 50, or 100 ml glass reactors with removable filters.

Each reactor can run independently with different scales and protocols.

Non-stop operation with sequence activation, reaction vessels that can function independently, and the ability to add and remove sequences without interrupting instrument operations add to the ease of use.

Instrument Specifications

REACTION VESSELS 20 ml, 50 ml, or 100 ml, glass
REAGENTS / SOLVENTS 2 x 1 L, 1 x 2 L
AMINO ACID CONTAINERS 24–175 ml disposable
MIXING Adjustable nitrogen bubbling
POWER Variable from 100V / 60Hz to 240V / 50Hz
W 26 Inches (66 cm), D 28 Inches (71 cm), H 27 Inches (68 cm)
WEIGHT 100 lbs.

Technical Support

Peptide Machines Inc. has unsurpassed experience in the synthesis and automation processes for peptides. Peptide Machines Inc. is totally committed to supporting its customers worldwide.

  • Fast reliable service engineers and application chemists.
  • Two days of training is provided on site with installation.
  • 12-month warranty and service contract options available.
  • Experienced peptide chemists are available to help with instrument application and peptide chemistry.


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Waste minimization is a key advantage of Discovery-4. Unique design, that eliminates unnecessary washes, cuts waste generation by 60%.

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With twelve reactors as large as 100 ml each, Discovery-12 produces uniform, high quality peptides from reactor to reactor and run to run.

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Distributor opportunities await international companies serious about offering first-class peptide synthesis equipment and support.

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Replacement parts and supplies are readily available for the full line of the Peptide Machines, Inc. instruments at reasonable cost.

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For the top level compatibility, order quality amino acids and reagents from Peptide Machines, Inc. Fully tested.

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