Peptide Synthesis

Our synthesizers allow our partner, Biopeptide Co., Inc., to provide fast and reliable peptide synthesis.

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Peptide Price List

(US $/ Residue for 8-30 mer peptides)
Purity >80% >90% >95% >98%
5 mg 30 40 45 50
10 mg 35 45 55 60
20 mg 40 50 60 70
50 mg 55 70 80 85
100 mg 75 80 95 105

There is a minimum $300.00 charge per purchase. Price includes HPLC & MS analysis. There is no setup fee for HPLC purification. Also, there is no additional charge for acetylation & amidation.

To request a price for:

  1. Larger quantities
  2. Phosphorylated/biotinylated peptides
  3. Longer peptides
  4. Unusual amino acids
  5. Fluorescein / Rhodamine labeled peptides

Call Biopeptide Co., Inc at 1-800-909-2494 or fill out the online quote request form.

If you want to fax a quote request, please click here to print Biopeptide Co., Inc quote request form. Please complete the form and send it to Biopeptide Co., Inc by fax at (858) 657-9440.

For fast quotes please call Biopeptide Co., Inc at 1-800-909-2494. Biopeptide Co., Inc usually able to give a custom quote price within 2–3 hours.


All oral and written information is treated in strict confidence. If required, Biopeptide Co., Inc will be pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your compound structure.

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Sample the work produced by our automated synthesizers deployed at Biopeptide Co., Inc. Request a peptide synthesis quote now. Fast and convenient.

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Waste minimization is a key advantage of Discovery-4. Unique design, that eliminates unnecessary washes, cuts waste generation by 60%.

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With twelve reactors as large as 100 ml each, Discovery-12 produces uniform, high quality peptides from reactor to reactor and run to run.

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Distributor opportunities await international companies serious about offering first-class peptide synthesis equipment and support.

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Replacement parts and supplies are readily available for the full line of the Peptide Machines, Inc. instruments at reasonable cost.

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For the top level compatibility, order quality amino acids and reagents from Peptide Machines, Inc. Fully tested.

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